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Our Pastor

Abiding Word Lutheran Church is currently seeking a full-time Pastor for our congregation. We are confident in the Lord's plan and firmly trust that He has a new Shepherd for us in the near future. Please keep this congregation in your prayers, that the Lord will provide a Shepherd who will lead and guide us for many years to come. 

During this transition, we have been very fortunate to have our neighboring AFLC Church - Faith Lutheran in Fairbury, NE - lend us their Pastor Ken Hart. Pastor Hart has been a part of the Abiding Word family for many years, filling in on occasion, working together on VBS, and much more. He is faithfully preaching & tending to the congregation at Abiding Word as we continue the call process for a full-time Pastor. 

Our Beliefs


At Abiding Word our guide is the Bible because it is the divinely inspired and inerrant Word of God. We gather to hear and learn God's Word with open Bibles, together. The Word comforts us with Christ, delivers His grace, and gives our lives meaning and purpose. Our congregation directs its own affairs, subject to the authority of the Word and the Spirit of God. We acknowledge that there is no ecclesiastical authority or government above God's Word. We believe the Lutheran Confessions are faithful explanations of the pure doctrine of the Word of God. More than anything, we desire all people to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 

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